Sovereign Intelligence: Global. Deep. Quiet.

Our global collection network Surface, Social Media, Dark Web & P2P , offers actionable intelligence from Social Media, Dark Web & P2P domains 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting .

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True cyber security begins with reconnaissance Cyber Radar of the Dark Web & P2P domains. DeepRecon™ provides indications and warning of potential cyber threats. See DeepRecon™ Data Sheet

SI Threat Intel Center™

Your global  all source fusion center Public Domain at the touch of a button. Seamlessly request intelligence support for national security threats, brand/IP infringement, enhanced due diligence and complex criminal investigations. 

SI Risk Assessment™

Sovereign Intelligence offers the only full spectrum assessment of your internet exposure, including: cyber exploitations, brand/IP infringement, ultra-high net personnel risks, and sensitive file leaks. Our CRA isfast & comprehensive 15 Day Report



SI Logo 5Welcome to Sovereign Intelligence.

With unrivaled analytics and access  Dark Web, P2P, Social Media Sovereign is surveying otherwise inaccessible data  for your business needs  Address Global Threats whether cyber security, risk management or intelligence.

Sovereign Intelligence is a global intelligence collection firm offering comprehensive and discreet access to the most difficult domains of the Internet. Disruptive technology has the power to alter the course of world market and redirect methods of change. Sovereign’s access to the raw data among the Dark Web and Peer-2-Peer file sharing networks provides actionable intelligence to sophisticated decision-makers in government and commercial sectors.
Sovereign was founded by elite intelligence officers with global operational experience for the purpose of providing the tools we wish we had to execute critical missions. Now, direct access to our SI Threat Intel Center for tactical investigations and strategic business decisions is available. Welcome to Sovereign.
Our Company Mission
The Sovereign Philosophy
The Sovereign Promise
Cyber/Humint Approach

Global. Quiet. Deep. | Global Content Collection

The Sovereign Intelligence Edge

  • Identify Brand Risk & intellectual property exposure
  • Enhanced global Due Diligence
  • Cyber Security threat intelligence
  • Insider Threat
  • AML, Asset Recovery, and FCPA Compliance
  • High Value Individual & Private Wealth Protection.

Business people are goint to work (Canary Wharf, London).

SI Threat Intel Center™

Sovereign’s  Threat Intel Center 24/7/365 Analyst Supported leverages proprietary technology to survey otherwise inaccessible terabytes of Social Media, Dark Web & P2P data across the globe to support your ongoing investigative and intelligence needs. Sovereign is  the Easy Button for fast, thorough intelligence support.  Contact to Learn Why Contact us to learn more!

Sovereign Intelligence uniquely blends cyber and human-derived information to discover answers to key business questions, with integrity and professionalism as the hallmarks of its trade.
Louis, Mission
Sovereign brings vast experience in Humint and Cyber capabilities to inform senior leadership of unique risks in emerging market investments. SI’s insight is unlike any other we’ve come across.  Sovereign Intelligence is an important part of our due diligence.
Chris, Cambridge
While an increased number of businesses are interested in expanding beyond the U.S., many of these companies find themselves ill-equipped to handle the opportunity and the associated risks. Through its extensive network around the world, Sovereign Intelligence provides a full suite of services that will help companies be prepared for this intensively competitive global marketplace.
Richard, J-Curve
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The DeepRecon™ eliminates your blindside, automatically, 24/7/365.

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